Your Complete Guide to Wizard101

Wizard101 is an online multiplayer game for children. It has become hugely popular among kids due to the interesting nature of the quests and the theme of the game. The game is based on the theme of the Wizard World where players are students of Wizardry all set out ensure that the “Spiral” is saved. The nature of the game is in a combat style and as the game progresses, players collect cards of differing values and powers which can be used to get more power and move further in the game.

In addition to cards, players also collect and win equipment, gold and powerful spell to overcome their opponents and advance to new levels. The game follows a very specific storyline, which takes a character through different stages instead of having an open-ended nature like many other multiplayer games.


Starting Wizard101

To start playing the game, one has to first download and install the game on their computer. After installing, you can either watch a demo video, which will help you understand the environment better and then go on to play the game. After watching the demo video, click the “Play” button present on the top left side corner of the screen.

After this, the next step is to join and create a magic school. The wizardry schools available are:

  • Fire: The Fire School teaches students spells, which do damage over a period of time. They do not do too much damage during the beginning of the game. But over time with the kind of spells you learn and the collectibles you get, you will be able to do a lot of damage with very limited use of power. They also have the power to stun the opponent that limits the opponent’s ability to move.
  • Storm: Storm School teaches its students to damage by giving them a lot of power. They cause immense damage in a very short span of time but what this school lacks is accuracy when it comes to causing damage. They also start off with very low base points for their health.
  • Ice: Ice Magic that is taught is also very slow and steady in bringing about damage. The ones who are from the Ice school are called Thaumaturges and they are known to be of great strength and patience. They have also become very rigid and inflexible because of that. They have the highest powers to survive damage and can go long periods of time with damage to them. It is very hard to defeat people from the Ice School.
  • Myth: Myth school is the one which uses the power of the mind to create magic. It is where they use illusions to make things real. Myth is what lies between Fire and Ice and their characters have a very important role to play in the game. They are taught to summon minions and they finally obtain four minions each having a different purpose. These players are also very good at tackling defense.
  • Death: The school of Death teaches its students to survive, resurrect, steal and support. They are known for showing a lot of bravery but they also carry a bad image with them. Their spells are known to be very strong, only after Storm and Fire’s spells. They are known to have powers to absorb energy from their enemy and heal themselves.
  • Life: Life is all about free spirits, existence and continuous growth and moving from one place to another. They are called Theugists who are known to be very cheerful and full of enthusiasm as the name of the school might denote. They also have a very interesting power to heal other players in case of injury. They have around moderate ability to cause damage but their spells have very high rates of accuracy.
  • Balance: Balance is the school that gets its traits from both the Elemental and Spirit schools. They use a lot of spells to power up their existing spells in order to cause more damage. For example, they have a power up spell called Balanceblade, which causes 25% more damage in the spell than any other spell used by any other player. This school doesn’t exactly have a specific location for itself but it has a secret location under Krokosphinx.

The game progresses in the following manner:

  • Levels 1-20: In the first twenty levels, the player must try and counter the many problems that are troubling the Wizard City. The villain in the game is Malistaire Drake who keeps sending his henchmen to cause trouble in the city. The aim of the player is to defeat these henchmen one by one.
  • Levels 21-24: The next stage takes the player to Grizzleheim. This is known to be a very tough terrain containing beasts like Bears, Ravens and Wolves. The aim of these levels is to finally see the King in Grizzleheim, which is not a very easy task. While travelling through the terrain, it is important to make a name for oneself and then gather Golden Seals from four of their lands – Austrilund, Sudrilund, Nordrilund and Vestrilund.
  • Level 25 On: After Level 25, there is a magical tournament to win the Spiral Cup. You need to compete with other players to prove your worth to be able to win the cup. There will be a lot of cheating and treachery which will put a lot of pressure on the players. As a player, you should be able to prove your innocence by way of investigation and defeat Randolf Spellshine to win the tournament and thus, the Spiral Cup.

Post this; there is another world called Celestia to look at other expeditions and many other plots to be unraveled and worlds to be travelled in. The next world where you will go to, is Zafaria, which is based on African themes and then to Avalon and Azteca.

Players who register for free have access only to a limited number of worlds after which they will have to pay to get access to other worlds.

Wizard101 Maps and Walkthroughs

Wizard101 is a hugely popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by KingsIsle Entertainment. The players are students in one of the seven schools of magic within the game and their ultimate goal is to save the Spiral. The way the game progresses, is by way of players learning spells, engaging in combat to eliminate evil opponents in different worlds. Players move from one level to another collecting new equipment, gold and acquiring new skills. Players are assigned to different schools of wizardry based on a personality test that is administered at the start of the game when a person registers.


The game starts in the world of Wizard City. There are several regions within a particular world and a person progresses in different regions. Then, as a player moves to new levels, he or she can move to different worlds, which become accessible one by one. The different worlds on the game are: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, MooShu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Grizzleheim and Wintertusk, Wysteria, Zafaria, Avalon and Azteca.

In general, in order to make a map of a world visible, the user can press M on the keyboard and navigate to the spell book. There is a map icon on the right hand side. If you click on the magnifying glass in the corner, the map enlarges and you can see all the regions clearly.


Map of Wizard City

This is the first of the world’s, where all players start the game. This is the only world that is played without players needing subscription and extra powers or equipment. The world is divided into the following regions, eight out of which are accessible to all players in the beginning. Regions become accessible by paying crowns or becoming a paid member. The free areas are:

  1. Unicorn Way: It is here that you can participate in the PVP battles against anyone of your choice. The person might or might not be your friend
  2. Olde Town: This town is hard to forget because you run through it for some time. This is the entrance for three streets. This town has a smith.
  3. Triton Avenue teleport: It is the home of Kraken and players gather here in numbers for the iconic battles. You need to unlock the teleport down to assess the area.
  4. Nightside: This is the area where School Of Death escaped to after being torn from Ravenwood. You can find the Mortis (Death Tree) that offers spell can be found here. It is behind the waterfall that is there in the Commons.
  5. Golem Court: This is the area where you can regain your health as it is a neutral area. There is a Golem Tower, the focus of the quest chain thrown by Regina Fametalon. This place also has a smith.
  6. Pet Pavillion: It is here that you can level the pets and also play in pet durby.
  7. Shopping District: Here, there are dye shops from where you can get the clothes colored. You can find shops for all kinds, but in most cases waste until you reach level 30.
  8. Ravenwood: It is the location of the teachers.

This game is surely very enticing as there are so many things that you can engage into.

Where Can I Download Wizard101 Securely?

If you’re someone who really loved Harry Potter and the world of Magic and Wizardry, you are sure to enjoy KingsIsle Entertainment’s game Wizard101. Wizard101 is a game based on Wizardry where players are enrolled in multiple schools of wizardry and work their way through Wizard City and many other worlds within the game to eliminate all evil.

Wizard101 is a multiplayer game, which is played in a combat mode and has been known to be kid friendly. There are multiple schools to be assigned to where wizards from each school have different powers to help them win combats. In order to start playing, you need to first register yourself online and download the software. You can go to their official website to register and get a link to download the software free of cost. Wizard101 is only available for players with a computer or a PC. It is not yet available for people with tablet computers or smartphones.


To get started, you need to first create a profile for you as a player. The steps to creating a profile are:

  • Go to the wizard creation menu
  • Choose the gender of your character. Next select a name for your character and you will then be directed to answer some questions about yourself.
  • To be able to get to wizardry school, which is closest to your personality, be sure to answer all questions as accurately and as honestly as possible. Based on your personality type, the game will assign you to a school. The name of the school you have been assigned to will appear on the screen soon after.
  • Once this is complete, you will be asked to create a user name for yourself along with a password and your email address. You will be sent a confirmation link, which will be used to verify your account.

Once you have been assigned to a particular school, you need to acquire powers and start playing with the powers you have and progress from one level to another.

In order to play Wizard101 on an iPad, iPod or iPhone, you need to have access to the App Store. You need to search for an app called Splashtop Remote Desktop. Once you get access to Splashtop, you’ll need to connect it to your computer. You also need to download Splashtop as a streamer on your Windows or Mac computer. Go back to your iPad / iPod or IPhone and connect to your computer. You need to add your desktop, which will be controlled. Once you connect your computer, you will have control on the computer. You will then be able to access Wizard101 through your device. At the moment, Wizard101 is not available as an app for iPad, iPod or iPhone. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to play it on full screen mode.

After following these steps you’re ready to enter the world of Wizard101 on your tablet device and play away!

Insider Secrets on Wizard101 Spells

Developed and promoted by KingsIsle Entertainment, Wizard 101 is a three-dimensional massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). As the name suggests, the game revolves around a fantasy wizard set up where the child wizards are battling the evil sorcerer. In short, Wizard 101 has a very Harry Potter feel to it.

Working of Wizard 101

Upon entering the game, you would be greeted by the headmaster of the Wizard Academy, who will guide you through initial playing sequences of the game. This is more like a tutorial. You can then choose the kind, look and the name of the wizard that you would like to be. One can often find enough variety of the kinds of wizards to choose from, which can exemplify your style and look.


Even though one can play Wizard 101 for free, this is only limited to the initial and basic zones. After the sixth or the seventh level, the free trial would stop. You would be required to pay a subscription fee in order to play further, which shall be only $10 per month. The players also have the option of paying subscription fee zone-wise.

Wizard 101 Spells

Just how a wizard makes use of multiple magical spells to counter the dark wizards in Harry Potter, even in Wizard 101 you would have to make use of several spells to win over the evil sorcerer. Following are some of the popular spells and certain insider secrets on how to work them to the best of your advantage:


  1. HYRDRA Spell: Hydra is a powerful spell which combines the forces of fire, ice and storm. However, in order to acquire it, you are required to communicate with Alhazred in the Krokosphinx, who is a professor of spells. All you have to do is travel to Krokotopia and enter the Krokosphinx. You then walk down to the classroom to find Alhazred, who will then decide whether to teach you the hydra spell for free or not, depending upon you being a member of the Balance School. If you are a member, he will teach it to you for free. Or else, you would have to gain some Training Points.
    Polymorph Treant

  2. POLYMORPH TRENT Spell:Polymorph Trent spells allow you to turn your enemies or the evil sorcerers into a Trent, a gigantic tree kind of creature. However, just like the hydra spell, you would also need to learn the polymorph tree spell. Ulantor Starmist, located in Stormriven in Celestia World is the place from where you can learn this spell.

For this, you need to go to this large tree called Bartleby, which is situated in Ravenwood at Wizard City. You would need to enter through his mouth to be able to go to the Spiral Chamber. Then click on ‘Celestia’ and press the ‘M’ key to view Stormriven on the map. Once you are there, communicate with Ulantor Starmist about the ‘Polymorph Trent’ spell. In order to attain it, you would be required to gain training points.

3 Interesting Codes For Wizard101

Wizard101 is a hugely popular children’s game based on the concept of Wizardry. The players are students of magic and wizardry in one of the seven schools of magic present in the game. Due to the fact that this game is meant for children, the entertainment company that has made the game, KingsIsle Entertainment, takes security and safety online very seriously. Even though it is a multiplayer game, the most important feature is that players are not allowed to share any personal information, which can be subject to misuse.

The main aim of this multiplayer game is to save the Spiral in the multiple worlds that are present in the game. The game is played in a combat format and throughout the course of the game, there are many collectibles and new equipment, gold and spells that are obtained and learnt respectively.

Due to the fact that the players can progress to new levels, there were many mounts and codes introduced in the game. Mounts are nothing but creatures which players can ride on. Most mounts can help players progress by at least 40% faster than normal. Some of the popular codes and mounts are:


  1. White Tiger: A tiger called Meowmodon was released as part of a charity initiative in December 2009. One cannot trade or exchange this mount for another. Therefore, the only way to obtain this mount is by waiting for the next charity event. To track when this mount will be released, you can subscribe to a newsletter, which will indicate the release date of the mount. Once you know when it will be released, you can buy it from the Crown store.
    white tiger
  2. True Friend: To make true friends, login to your account first. Then click on the “Friends” panel in your account. To identify it, look for a chat bubble on a red colored background. To obtain the True Friend Code, click the true friend code link where a code will be generated for you. Similarly, your friends should do the same thing to give you their true friend code. Enter your true friend code that you’ve obtained which is valid only for 48 hours after you’ve received it. Once you enter the code, if it is valid, that friend will be added to a list of your true friends. A word of caution, do not share your true friend code with people you’ve never met before.
    True Friends
  3. Red Wing Dragon Code: This is a very special mount that can be purchased from the cash shop. Login to your Wizard101 account and go to your account options. Make sure you turn the email notification options on. You will receive an email in your email account from KingsIsle Entertainment with the code in the email body. Visit the Dark Red Wing Dragon page in order to redeem the code. As soon as you enter the code you will get an option to mount the character that you want and you’ll find the character in your inventory when you proceed to the game.

There are many other 1-Day, 7-Day and permanent mounts available in the crown shop that can be purchased in exchange for gold or crowns.

Club Penguin – Making Easy Money

Club PenguinDeveloped and launched in the year 2005 by Club Penguin Entertainment, Club Penguin is a multi-player online game. It was purchased by Walt Disney in the year 2007 and is an extremely interesting mix of online games for kids in the age group of 6-14 years. Club Penguin has been given an extremely Disney look and feel to it, where the kids customize themselves as the unique cartoon penguin characters.

It is a freely accessible website. However, in order to enjoy unlimited access to the games, the theme parties and all other features of Club Penguin, one would have to purchase the paid memberships. The developers of Club Penguin and Disney have given it quite an innocent look and ambience, taking special care to avoid incorporation of any adult themes. This is evident since one would not find any overt reference to smoking, drinking, abusive or any offensive use of language. In fact, the games make use of basic mathematic and reading which further helps in development of the child’s fundamental skills from the start.

club penguin

Making Easy Money

The Club Penguin games may allow you to make quick bucks in short span of time and without involving too much effort. However, this can be done if one is aware of which game can be most rewarding in terms of coins. Following are some instructions which you could follow in order to make quick bucks with the Club Penguin games:

  1. At the outset, you need to pick and choose the games which are most rewarding, not only in terms of points but also with coins. Once you recognize the highest rewarding games, you start recognizing the tips and tricks for making quick bucks on those games.

  2. Puffle Round Up at the Pet Shop of Club Penguin is often considered to be a quick-buck game. In this game, the number of coins is calculated by multiplying the number of puffles caught by you with the time left. Hence, it implies that in order to make more money, you need to play the game faster. This can be done by collecting all the puffles before you actually put them in the pen. In this also, paying more attention on the red, purple and black puffles could help you more, since they are the fastest moving puffles.
    Club Penguin

  3. The Pizzatron 3000 is another Club Penguin which can be played to make quick bucks. A game of Pizzatron 3000 played perfectly could reward you with approximately 1000 coins, which implies that even ten such games played in around one hour could reward you with around 10,000 coins.

  4. Ice Fishing is also one such game which does not require much skill or talent. It can be as rewarding as 500 coins per game. Every time you catch one fish, you are rewarded with four coins. Therefore, just like Puffle Round Up, Ice Fishing also demands quick reactions. The more fish you catch in lesser time, more coins will be rewarded to you. The best part about this game is that the duration, which is only five minutes. Hence, you have the option of making thousands of coins in less than even an hour.

3 Magic Games That a Gamer Cannot Live Without

Many children have been fans of fantasy and magic games that can help them disappear into a world they can only imagine and dream of. There are many such games that are available online, on the computer and on various devices like Playstation, Nintendo Wii and Xbox or on tablet devices and smartphones. Given the number of games we see around us every day, it is hard to decide what might be worth playing and what is not.

Read on to get some information on some of the games that a magic game fan must definitely try. We bring you details about three such games.

  • Wizard101: Wizard101 is a multiplayer combat game developed by KingsIsle Entertainment where players are students of wizardry and magic in one of the seven schools of magic that are present in the game. What differentiates this game from others is that this has a very specific plot that stays through the game. Other games are usually ones that evolve as you go along. The main aim of this game is to save the “Spiral” and players fight off the evil in their journey. The journey entails players moving from one world to another and with each world and each level the complexity increases. The way players fight off opponents is by the use of spells and charms. They also gather equipment, gold and other along the way. Players are also allowed to own pets, which can be used to help them move faster between levels.
  • RuneScape: The second game one must simply not miss is RuneScape developed and published by Jagex Games Studio. Like Wizard101, RuneScape is also a multiplayer online role-playing game. In short, RuneScape is set in the magical world of Gielinor which is a medieval setting consisting of many kingdoms, cities and regions. Players can traverse through the length and breadth of Gielinor to acquire new resources, fight challengers and monsters that are encountered along the way. Players can each have their own avatars, which can be customized based on what they want to look like.
  • Free Realms: Free Realms is also another massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been developed by Sony Online Entertainment. It is set in a fantasy themed world called as Sacred Grove. Players can play this game on the PC, Mac and on PS3 for free but they need to register and pay for membership. The players start out by creating different avatars and explore the magical world.
    free realms

Some of the other games that are based on a similar magic or fantasy theme are Pirate101, a game that is very similar to Wizard101 in which players can create their own ships and fight with other teams. Another magic game not to be missed is Spellcraft – School of Magic, which is similar to Wizard101 in the sense that it is a game in which players are students of the Spellcraft School and have to create potions and spells to defeat evil monsters in dungeons as part of completing quests