3 Interesting Codes For Wizard101

Wizard101 is a hugely popular children’s game based on the concept of Wizardry. The players are students of magic and wizardry in one of the seven schools of magic present in the game. Due to the fact that this game is meant for children, the entertainment company that has made the game, KingsIsle Entertainment, takes security and safety online very seriously. Even though it is a multiplayer game, the most important feature is that players are not allowed to share any personal information, which can be subject to misuse.

The main aim of this multiplayer game is to save the Spiral in the multiple worlds that are present in the game. The game is played in a combat format and throughout the course of the game, there are many collectibles and new equipment, gold and spells that are obtained and learnt respectively.

Due to the fact that the players can progress to new levels, there were many mounts and codes introduced in the game. Mounts are nothing but creatures which players can ride on. Most mounts can help players progress by at least 40% faster than normal. Some of the popular codes and mounts are:


  1. White Tiger: A tiger called Meowmodon was released as part of a charity initiative in December 2009. One cannot trade or exchange this mount for another. Therefore, the only way to obtain this mount is by waiting for the next charity event. To track when this mount will be released, you can subscribe to a newsletter, which will indicate the release date of the mount. Once you know when it will be released, you can buy it from the Crown store.
    white tiger
  2. True Friend: To make true friends, login to your account first. Then click on the “Friends” panel in your account. To identify it, look for a chat bubble on a red colored background. To obtain the True Friend Code, click the true friend code link where a code will be generated for you. Similarly, your friends should do the same thing to give you their true friend code. Enter your true friend code that you’ve obtained which is valid only for 48 hours after you’ve received it. Once you enter the code, if it is valid, that friend will be added to a list of your true friends. A word of caution, do not share your true friend code with people you’ve never met before.
    True Friends
  3. Red Wing Dragon Code: This is a very special mount that can be purchased from the cash shop. Login to your Wizard101 account and go to your account options. Make sure you turn the email notification options on. You will receive an email in your email account from KingsIsle Entertainment with the code in the email body. Visit the Dark Red Wing Dragon page in order to redeem the code. As soon as you enter the code you will get an option to mount the character that you want and you’ll find the character in your inventory when you proceed to the game.

There are many other 1-Day, 7-Day and permanent mounts available in the crown shop that can be purchased in exchange for gold or crowns.