Insider Secrets on Wizard101 Spells

Developed and promoted by KingsIsle Entertainment, Wizard 101 is a three-dimensional massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). As the name suggests, the game revolves around a fantasy wizard set up where the child wizards are battling the evil sorcerer. In short, Wizard 101 has a very Harry Potter feel to it.

Working of Wizard 101

Upon entering the game, you would be greeted by the headmaster of the Wizard Academy, who will guide you through initial playing sequences of the game. This is more like a tutorial. You can then choose the kind, look and the name of the wizard that you would like to be. One can often find enough variety of the kinds of wizards to choose from, which can exemplify your style and look.


Even though one can play Wizard 101 for free, this is only limited to the initial and basic zones. After the sixth or the seventh level, the free trial would stop. You would be required to pay a subscription fee in order to play further, which shall be only $10 per month. The players also have the option of paying subscription fee zone-wise.

Wizard 101 Spells

Just how a wizard makes use of multiple magical spells to counter the dark wizards in Harry Potter, even in Wizard 101 you would have to make use of several spells to win over the evil sorcerer. Following are some of the popular spells and certain insider secrets on how to work them to the best of your advantage:


  1. HYRDRA Spell: Hydra is a powerful spell which combines the forces of fire, ice and storm. However, in order to acquire it, you are required to communicate with Alhazred in the Krokosphinx, who is a professor of spells. All you have to do is travel to Krokotopia and enter the Krokosphinx. You then walk down to the classroom to find Alhazred, who will then decide whether to teach you the hydra spell for free or not, depending upon you being a member of the Balance School. If you are a member, he will teach it to you for free. Or else, you would have to gain some Training Points.
    Polymorph Treant

  2. POLYMORPH TRENT Spell:Polymorph Trent spells allow you to turn your enemies or the evil sorcerers into a Trent, a gigantic tree kind of creature. However, just like the hydra spell, you would also need to learn the polymorph tree spell. Ulantor Starmist, located in Stormriven in Celestia World is the place from where you can learn this spell.

For this, you need to go to this large tree called Bartleby, which is situated in Ravenwood at Wizard City. You would need to enter through his mouth to be able to go to the Spiral Chamber. Then click on ‘Celestia’ and press the ‘M’ key to view Stormriven on the map. Once you are there, communicate with Ulantor Starmist about the ‘Polymorph Trent’ spell. In order to attain it, you would be required to gain training points.