Your Complete Guide to Wizard101

Wizard101 is an online multiplayer game for children. It has become hugely popular among kids due to the interesting nature of the quests and the theme of the game. The game is based on the theme of the Wizard World where players are students of Wizardry all set out ensure that the “Spiral” is saved. The nature of the game is in a combat style and as the game progresses, players collect cards of differing values and powers which can be used to get more power and move further in the game.

In addition to cards, players also collect and win equipment, gold and powerful spell to overcome their opponents and advance to new levels. The game follows a very specific storyline, which takes a character through different stages instead of having an open-ended nature like many other multiplayer games.


Starting Wizard101

To start playing the game, one has to first download and install the game on their computer. After installing, you can either watch a demo video, which will help you understand the environment better and then go on to play the game. After watching the demo video, click the “Play” button present on the top left side corner of the screen.

After this, the next step is to join and create a magic school. The wizardry schools available are:

  • Fire: The Fire School teaches students spells, which do damage over a period of time. They do not do too much damage during the beginning of the game. But over time with the kind of spells you learn and the collectibles you get, you will be able to do a lot of damage with very limited use of power. They also have the power to stun the opponent that limits the opponent’s ability to move.
  • Storm: Storm School teaches its students to damage by giving them a lot of power. They cause immense damage in a very short span of time but what this school lacks is accuracy when it comes to causing damage. They also start off with very low base points for their health.
  • Ice: Ice Magic that is taught is also very slow and steady in bringing about damage. The ones who are from the Ice school are called Thaumaturges and they are known to be of great strength and patience. They have also become very rigid and inflexible because of that. They have the highest powers to survive damage and can go long periods of time with damage to them. It is very hard to defeat people from the Ice School.
  • Myth: Myth school is the one which uses the power of the mind to create magic. It is where they use illusions to make things real. Myth is what lies between Fire and Ice and their characters have a very important role to play in the game. They are taught to summon minions and they finally obtain four minions each having a different purpose. These players are also very good at tackling defense.
  • Death: The school of Death teaches its students to survive, resurrect, steal and support. They are known for showing a lot of bravery but they also carry a bad image with them. Their spells are known to be very strong, only after Storm and Fire’s spells. They are known to have powers to absorb energy from their enemy and heal themselves.
  • Life: Life is all about free spirits, existence and continuous growth and moving from one place to another. They are called Theugists who are known to be very cheerful and full of enthusiasm as the name of the school might denote. They also have a very interesting power to heal other players in case of injury. They have around moderate ability to cause damage but their spells have very high rates of accuracy.
  • Balance: Balance is the school that gets its traits from both the Elemental and Spirit schools. They use a lot of spells to power up their existing spells in order to cause more damage. For example, they have a power up spell called Balanceblade, which causes 25% more damage in the spell than any other spell used by any other player. This school doesn’t exactly have a specific location for itself but it has a secret location under Krokosphinx.

The game progresses in the following manner:

  • Levels 1-20: In the first twenty levels, the player must try and counter the many problems that are troubling the Wizard City. The villain in the game is Malistaire Drake who keeps sending his henchmen to cause trouble in the city. The aim of the player is to defeat these henchmen one by one.
  • Levels 21-24: The next stage takes the player to Grizzleheim. This is known to be a very tough terrain containing beasts like Bears, Ravens and Wolves. The aim of these levels is to finally see the King in Grizzleheim, which is not a very easy task. While travelling through the terrain, it is important to make a name for oneself and then gather Golden Seals from four of their lands – Austrilund, Sudrilund, Nordrilund and Vestrilund.
  • Level 25 On: After Level 25, there is a magical tournament to win the Spiral Cup. You need to compete with other players to prove your worth to be able to win the cup. There will be a lot of cheating and treachery which will put a lot of pressure on the players. As a player, you should be able to prove your innocence by way of investigation and defeat Randolf Spellshine to win the tournament and thus, the Spiral Cup.

Post this; there is another world called Celestia to look at other expeditions and many other plots to be unraveled and worlds to be travelled in. The next world where you will go to, is Zafaria, which is based on African themes and then to Avalon and Azteca.

Players who register for free have access only to a limited number of worlds after which they will have to pay to get access to other worlds.